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Rider is Michael Docherty

Photo by Lloyd Ramsay / Cordict

Durban, South Africa

Riders are Mason Buist, Ryan Bosiger, Cam Thompson, Maddy Malan and Wyatt Avis

All images by Lloyd Ramsay /

Rider is Reid Sinnicks

Shot on a Canon in Durban, South Africa

Black And White Motolife gallery from the East London Motocross national in South Africa


I stared out the window of the van as we drove through each small town. Lots of people walking around with somewhere to be, yet not getting there. Goats. Taxi ranks. Big trucks. Hair salons in empty freight containers. The outside window was like a TV show that did not want to try. Its said that if you want to learn something about someone you look at their shoes. We stopped in traffic in the middle of this little town and the shoes walking next to the van caught my attention. This guy was paying attention to us but not in an overt manner.

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2014 East London national gallery

All photos: Lloyd Ramsay